Taylor Swift, why do you insist on warping young girls?

Taylor Swift the Product (who I’m sure varies a great deal from Taylor Swift the Person) strikes again with “Mine” which will no doubt be played 12 times an hour on every friggin’ station from now until the next time she comes out with another single about being pure and innocent while wanting a boy who is an angelic being filled with light and winning his heart from the evil girl who wears colors and probably fucks. But seriously? SERIOUSLY? How on earth does anyone look at these songs and say they’d rather their daughters take her as a role model than other singers? “You made a rebel of a careless man’s careful daughter”? What. The. Fuck. Taylor, YOU are your own agent. You make your own decisions. Your father isn’t responsible for them and you deciding to do things he wouldn’t approve of doesn’t make him careless because he’s not responsible for guarding your damn vagina. Have sex if you want, but don’t make it about your daddy because it’s creepy and I really don’t want tween girls all over the country thinking that it’s Daddy’s job to fend off attractive, wealthy white boys who want to worship them like Juliet in totally respectful, romantic ways that don’t involve stalking or sexual assault. Another reason this song makes me stabby: the title. The entire premise. “Mine.”  People are individuals; they do not belong to other people. Ownership is not romantic.

Someone write me a damn song about laughing with your partner over an obscure joke from The Wind in the Willows or sitting in a hookah bar near the beach for two hours and having such a good conversation you end up holding hands on the plane the whole way home. Someone write me a song about a woman realizing she wants someone to be her chosen family- take gender out of who that person is- and DOING something about it. Don’t ask my damn daddy if you can have me, ask me if you realize it first or I’ll ask you if I realize it first and either way is completely and totally romantic and wonderful.

Also, fuck whoever decided to market and promote Taylor Swift.